Location: Development platform > Heilongjiang Provicial Key Laboratory for Water Tertiary Treatment and ReclamationHeilongjiang Provicial Key Laboratory for Water Tertiary Treatment and Reclamation

With provincial key laboratories and research centers as platforms, HNEP works closely with renowned universities and technology research institutes. Over the years, HNEP has been appionted by the Stated, Provincial and Municipal Government to carry out various scientific reserches in line with the Government's Five-Year Plan. In 2012, as Project Director, HNEP has undertaken the National Hi-tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program). Through years of continuous efforts and relentless research, HNEP has established a chain of technology innovation representing a combination of research, experimentation, exploration, design and manufacture. HNEP's intellectual property rights for China Nationnal Invention Patents and exclusive technologies include but not limited to Covered Anaerobic Lagoon (CAL), Advanced Catalytic Oxidation, Electro-Osmosis Sludge Modification & Dehydration, and High Energy Photon Odor Control.

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